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i feel so whack judging lame people in relationships im so bitter that nerds can be happy

So just because someone doesn’t fit your definition of “cool” they’re not allowed to be in a happy, healthy relationship? Maybe that’s why you’re single.

im single because every sexual partner ive had has died from immense physical trauma due to my gigantic wiener. so maybe take a walk in my shoes before you judge…


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What’s that one kpop song with the clapping

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"Holy shit these horses are pink. I can literally feel the number of cases of breast cancer decreasing the longer I look at them."



Daddy and I had so much fun today!!!! He got me the cutest training potty ever it sings a song when I flush it!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is why I kink shame

important question. what type of stickers??

Like this type of stickers

I’m about to spend $40 on stickers someone stop me







White girls trying hard.

White woman perpetuating racist and sexist stereotypes of East Asian women. People need to stop claiming white women are innocent, they’re just as dangerous and violent as white men.  

How is this in anyway violent or dangerous?

Ok yes, her comment was not in good taste. THAT I agree with, but her cosplaying is racist AND sexist? How?

If this was a black women cosplaying AND said what she said, you fuckers wouldn’t bat a god damn eyelash, in fact you’d be praising her!

euhanizeallwhitepeople…That’s so not racist at all.

First of all, if this was a black women cosplaying and she said what she said, we would have reacted the same way and we wouldn’t be praising her (nice try, I know what you’re trying to do). 

Second, not only is she perpetuating racist and sexist stereotypes of Asian women, she’s also donning a Yellow face. It’s clear that she’s attempting to be a Japanese woman in this cosplay. 

Third, it’s violent and dangerous because “creamy, delicate Asian” are racist stereotypes often found in pornography. Many Asian feminists have dissertated the correlation between racist stereotypes of Asian women in pornography, and sexual violence against Asian women: 

  • Michael Lohman, a third-year doctoral student at Princeton University, cut locks of hair from at least nine Asian women and poured his urine and semen into the drinks of Asian women more than 50 times in Princeton’s graduate student dining hall. When investigators searched Lohman’s apartment, which he shared with his Asian wife, they found stolen women’s underwear and mittens containing the hairs of Asian women, which they believe Lohman used to masturbate. The university failed to acknowledge that Lohman’s victims were Asian women. Yin Ling Leung, organizational director of the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF), agreed that the University misidentified the problem. Leung argued that the Asian fetish syndrome triggered Lohman’s behavior. “Sexual assault of Asian women on college campuses is a major issue. You get a room of five Asian American women together, and they all have stories about sexual harassment. Mainstream America shrugs off the notion of Asian fetishes, believing men who have such fetishes “are harmless.”
  • David Dailey and Edmund “Eddie” Ball abducted, handcuffed, and blindfolded two Japanese schoolgirls, ages 18 and 19, in Spokane, Washington. The two girls were taken to a house and raped repeatedly over a span of 7 hours. Eddie Ball, the mastermind behind the crime, professed an avid fascination in bondage, sadomasochism and Japanese culture. He collected Japanese bondage videos and was an expert in Japanese rope-tying techniques. At his home, police found numerous Japanese-language books. Ball specifically targeted Japanese students because he believed them to be submissive and thus less likely to report the rapes. However, he believed wrongly. The students reported the crime and aided police in catching the perpetrators. Dailey and Ball faced sentences of 21 to 28 years in prison.
  • Lili Wang, a North Carolina State University (NCSU) graduate student, who became the victim of what may have been a racially-motivated crime. Richard Borelli Anderson had a strong sexual preference for Asian women because “they study hard, and they’re very nice, soft speaking.” In October of 2002, Anderson fired four gun shots into Wang, killing her before turning the gun on himself. Police found his body five feet away from Wang. Professor Andrew Chin maintained that this was a hate crime, but the NCSU police disagreed. “There is no evidence to suggest that the offender, Richard Anderson, acted on any bias against Lili Wang because of her race,” said John Daily, deputy director of the NCSU Police Department. Professor Chin contended that “if you view the chain of events and link the events together, including what may appeared to have been unwanted advances on a married woman [Wang], which lead to the murder, this may be a form of racial discrimination against an [Asian] woman. Chin believed the victim did nothing to bring about the senseless act, other than being an Asian woman.
  • Sunny Woan, the author of White Sexual Imperialism, described a moment one weekend when her friend, a Korean American college female, went clubbing downtown. She met a White male. He offered her a ride home, she accepted, and then he forced himself into her room and raped her in her own bed. All the while, he grunted the words “China doll,” “Asian whore,” and referred to her genitals as “sushi.’ 

And finally, you also reblogged this from fucknofetishization, a blog that discusses the deleterious effects of fetishistizing and hyper-sexualizing women of color. I’m a moderator at that blog, if you’re going to reblog our posts and add nonsensical commentary then I suggest that you unfollow our blog. 



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Will I be something?
Am I something?

And the answer comes:
You already are.
You always were.
And you still have time to be.
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